Curriculum vitae


2001 Artist in Residence, Center for the Holographic Arts NYC
1993 Artist in Residence, Holographic Images, Miami Beach, Florida
1991 Holography Institute, San Francisco, California, Jeff Murray
1989 Holography Institute, San Francisco, California, Jeff Murray
1986 Artist in Residence, Ultra-Art studio, Sydney, Australia, Lloyd Cross
1983  University of California, Los Angeles, Ca., Eric Van Hamersveld
1981 Toute La Monde Studio, Los Angeles, Ca., Lloyd Cross
1970 Photography, photojournalism, NYC, Bruce Davidson
1969   Photography, Fashion, Art Kane
1965 Photography studies, Richard Avedon studio, NYC, Alexy Brodovitch
1964 School of Visual Arts, NYC, film, Photography
1963  Arts Student League, NYC , Art


2001  Center for the Holographic Arts NYC, 5 pulse masters, 3 white light transmissions
2 meters X 2 meters 5, white light transmissions 30cmX40cm
2000 “West Coast Artist in Light “ a video by Al Razutis
1995 “One from the heart”, Larry Lieberman

Holographic Images, Inc. Miami Beach, Florida, Larry Lieberman,
7 reflection holograms 30cmX30cm “Chakras

1992 Holography Institute, San Francisco, Ca., Jeff Murray,
7 white light transmission holograms 50cmX60cm 3 color masters, "Visual Rhythms"

  Barcelona, Spain worked with Olympic committee, dept. of security, and Image and Communication, ticketing for Olympics


Holography Institute, San Francisco, Ca., Jeff Murray, 3 white light transmission holograms and 3 color masters, “The Void”

1987 Automated Holographics, Los Angeles, Ca., produced dichromate holograms
1986 Holography Institute, San Francisco, Ca., Jeff Murray, commissioned for 3 white light transmission holograms by Richard Ellis Corp., installed in city corp. build. Los Angeles, Ca., directed film for stereographic integral holograms
1985-86 Sydney, Australia worked with Lloyd Cross on his holographic camera system for mass production, series of laser transmission holograms, produced a series of holograms using technique of projecting my photographic images unto the holograms.


2000 Speaker Holography 2000 conference St. Poelten, Austria, Paper "Importance of holographic light in the emerging field of mind body healing".
1993 One of the organizers of Photon space, a meeting place and think tank for holographers
1992 Formed Flashpoint Designs Inc. A holographic design company.
Invented Laser Lids ™, received a US patent # 349,596, Aug. 1964.
1991 Obtained contract for Olympic ticketing for Barcelona 92, found a sponsor, Casa de Monedad y Timbres, Madrid, Spain, for Olympic ticketing. US Banknote made the 6 million embossed holograms.
1988 California Museum of Science and Industry, curated with Dr. Gary Fisher, ”The Dream”, a 7 minute holographic film, by artist Alexander.

California Museum of Science and Industry, LA. Co-produced and curated, with Dr. Gary Fisher, “Interactions in Laser Light”; this exhibition opened in conjunction with the 1984 Olympics and was held open for 2 years.

1985 Presenter, Museum of Science and Industry, LA. “Science Fest”;
Produced, filmed and directed an integral hologram, at “Dreamquest”, Steven Speilberg’s special effect studio, using a computerized tracking system.
H-1 by Eric Van Hamersveld, Photo resist by Steven Provence;
Collaborated with Dr. Gary Fisher, on producing embossed book cover for the novel “Heartland” using a live subject.
1982-83 Co-produced and curated “Space Light” a holography exhibition and laser show, opening at the Powerhouse museum Sydney, Australia, touring major cities in Australia seen by over 200,000 visitors;
Co-produced and photographed the book “Space Light” published by Doubleday, Australia, and Rutledge Kegan Paul, London, England.
1981 Toute la Monde studio, Los Angeles, worked and studied with Lloyd Cross, made laser transmission holograms.


2000 SPIE article “Importance of Holographic Light in the Emerging Field of Mind Body Healing".
1991 Leonardo Journal of the International Society for the Arts and Sciences, Article, "Integrating Slide Projection and Rainbow Holography".
1982 Book “Space Light” published by Doubleday, Australia, Rutledge Kegan Paul, London, England.



2008 Pez Gordo Gallery, San Jose del Cabo, Mexico, “Divine Light” White Light Transmission hologram 30cm X 40cm, and Photography.
2007 Craft and Folk Art Museum / Los Angeles, California / Galerie LaKaye Hollywood Ca. “Healing a Contemporary View” / “Divine Light” White Light Transmission hologram 30cm X 40cm; Pulse master and White Light Transmission made at Center for the Holographic Arts, New York City.
2006 Dan Mulveney Gallery, Melrose Avenue Los Angeles Ca., Photography "Clouds".
2005 Los Angeles County Fair, Sheats Art Gallery. photography “Sky” juried show.
2004 Ritz Carlton Hotel, Laguna Beach exhibition curated by Michael Evans, Photographs "Baja sky".
2001 Barnsdale Municipal Art Gallery Los Angeles, group show photography.
2000 Holography 2000 Stadt Museum St. Polten, Austria, 3 Reflection holograms “Chakras”, one 50cm X 60cm White Light Transmission "Visual Rhythms".
1998 Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery at Barnsdale L.A. Art Association, group show, Photography.
1997 DADA downtown artists group show Hologram "Blue Chakra".
1996 Los Angeles Municipal Art gallery at Barnsdale, group show "Faces".
1994 DADA "Downtown Art Lives" L.A. Reflection hologram "Interpenetrating Dualities".
1993 Strong Museum, Rochester New York, Montage 93 "Perspectives, Proximities, Perceptions", Reflection holograms "Chakras".
1992 Imperial College, London, England, Holographics International, exhibited hologram "Blue" White Light Transmission 50cmX60cm.
1990 Holos Gallery, San Francisco, Ca. 10th anniversary exhibition, exhibited white light transmission hologram "The Void".
1989 International holography show "Images in Time and Space", "Trinity" 3 color master hologram white light transmission;
Deya Mallorca, Spain solo exhibition 9 white light transmission holograms "The Void" and "Sacred Geometry".
1986 New dimensions gallery, Pier One, Sydney, Australia “Dolphin” laser transmission hologram;
Ivey gallery, Los Angeles, Solo exhibition "Masks" mirror backed reflection holograms, California Museum of Science and Industry, Los Angeles, Ca.
1982 "Interactions in Laser Light" 2 Reflection holograms, 5 WLT, Power House Museum Sydney, Australia, museums in Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane, reflection Holograms.



2001 AIR Center for the Holographic Arts, New York City.
2000 Shearwater Foundation Award / Holography 2000.
1997 Shearwater Foundation award / Agfa Gevaert film grant.
1996 The Sokoloff Foundation and the Shearwater Foundation artists support;
Nottingham University "Art in Holography 2".
Shearwater Foundation grant to attend "Holographic International".
1992 Imperial College, London, England.
1987 Museum of Holography, New York City, NY, Direct Grant.


2005 Joel Kelmenson, Oregon, USA.
1996 Parkes and Company, London, England.
1995 The Eye Company, London, England.
1993 Bozell Advertising agency, Leo Kelmenson CEO, New York City.
1993 Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Rivkin, Beverly Hills, California.
1992 Mr. Gerald Parkes, London, England
1991 The Olympic committee, Barcelona, Spain.
1988 Richard Ellis Corp. City Corp building, Los Angeles, Ca.




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